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Jesta Towers, Inc. owns, maintains, and operates multi-tenant communications towers made available for use to the Wireless Communications Community on a lease basis. Jesta provides the wireless service provider community with a full range of programs specifically designed to meet their needs.

Each site is well maintained, totally FAA and FCC compliant, has convenient power and telco demarcation points, and has the ability to expand to meet specific Service Providers requirements. If required, Jesta will arrange for the placement of shelters if one is not currently at a specific site.

The sites owned and operated by Jesta Towers, Inc. all have one thing in common, QUALITY.

    Services Include:
  • A true 'Build-to-Suit' Program tailored to the needs of each Wireless Service Provider.
  • Site Acquisition and Project Management Services for site placement and construction.
  • Convenient power and telco demarcation points.
  • A Tower 'Purchase/Lease Back' Program which allows Providers control over deployment.
  • Affordable lease rates on our existing network of Towers.

Current Inventory of Available Sites!

July 23, 2024
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